Why Join?

With many of those new friends and contacts you will develop years of fond memories and hunting opportunities. Best of all, you will be doing all of that with your DK by your side.

Most importantly, you will become more knowledgeable regarding the German testing and breeding philosophy, Deutsch Kurzhaar training techniques and develop many new resources for gathering the information and help that you may need to make sure you and your Deutsch Kurzhaar are a successful pair.

What is the VCDKK?


With the encouragement and approval of the Deutsch-Kurzhaar Verband, e.V. (DKV), in December of 2006 the Vereinigter [United] CanAm Deutsch Kurzhaar Klub (VCDKK) was renamed and began to move forward.

The focus of the VCDKK is to promote the Deutsch Kurzhaar (DK) through proven and established performance testing and breeding practices in order to preserve the integrity of one of the worlds’ premier versatile hunting companions.

Under the umbrella of the DKV, the VCDKK adheres and abides by the strict testing rules of the Jagdgebrauchshundverband e. V. (JGHV) and has drafted by-laws that reflect and emphasize breeding regulations and practices that are important to the consistent development of a capable and biddable versatile hunting dog

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