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vom Kleinen Fluss Kennel - (Little River)  Performance Breeding - Whelped Date: 08/27/217 - 6 males/ 7 females

Dixie vom Speidel   0096/14   68581/1 
D1, 4H Search, SI 4H Nose, VGP 1 308, 4H Nose, 4H Blood Track
Fw: V  HD: A/2

M :Belle vom Speidel  1366/05   60456/1
D1,AZP1, KAKP1,VGP1 312, HDA1, V, HN
V: Dolf vom Alderberg  0964/11   68494/1
D1,S1,VGP 1 299,HDA2,SG, HN

Dixie, call name Delta, was the top scoring dog  for the 2015 testing  year in the  NADKC. She received awards as the top Derby/Solms dog and the top VGP dog. A testament to her calm temperament, trainability, and drive, the VGP and Solms were completed on the same weekend. Whether its retrieving ducks , pointing over pheasants or quail, her natural ability shines. She has proven herself  a great hunting companion on land and water from the Canadian prairies to Alabama pine plantations. Delta is a joy to be around and a privilege to hunt over.

Described in the Zuchtschau as: Very elegant female, compact and great pigment, perfect female head, top line, bottom line, tail set correct, very good attitude, angulation and movement of front and rear correct.

Delta Ahnentefal (Download)


Contact Information: (251)769-8192 or


Sire: Bento von der Kopperburg  0614/10    66328 AH/1
D1, VJP 70 Pts AH, S1, VGP1( 304 pts. 4H Bloodtrack)
HN, HD: A1  Fw: V

M: Korda von der  Madlage  0050/07
D1, VJP 76, S1, HZP 190, HN, VGP1, HD:A2, FW:V
V: Boss von Tatemeer  0375/07
D1 , VJP 76, AH, S1, VBR, LN, BTR, HZP 196, VGP1

In 2013, Bento was awarded the 3rd highest VGP scoring dog in the NADKC tests.  He is a large male with excellent coat and confirmation. He is extremely biddable, precocious and cooperative. He is one of only a few dogs to receive a Armbruster Halt Award in the USA VJP puppy test, a testament to his trainability. Bento's water work is stellar with a very determined through duck search which is also  evident in the field with his willingness to find game. He is an excellent companion in the house, content  with small dogs and children crawling all over him, yet all business on the hunt.


Bento Ahnentefal (Download)




Brocco von Solilo:

Zb. Nr. 0435/11; VJP 59, 63; Solms Prize I; VGP Prize I; HN; HD-A2; Fw: SG.

M: Cathy vom Holtvogt (Rocky KS von Neuarenberg x Tessa von Neuarenberg) V: Eiko KS von der Zista (Barro von der Zista x Arissa von der Zista)

Brocco (call name, Brock) is a very cooperative, well-proportioned, tall male. A powerful hunter, several judges at different times have remarked that he is “all business” in the field. Yet, Brock is calm, stable, and a joy to live with around the house. At his Zuchtschau, positive remarks include nice head and neck, good boned, top and bottom line correct.

Intelligent and easy to train; Brock demonstrated a well-developed nose, intense points, and exceptional blood tracking skills from an early age. His search in a pheasant field is purposeful and wide-ranging; in the grouse woods, Brock hunts close and under control at all times. He is a determined, deliberate retriever, on land and in the water. During a duck search, he never quits. Brock combines all of the best qualities of his Hege-Haus, vom Wittekind, and Osterberg heritage.

Brock is available to approved DK females by contacting
Dan Myshin @ 717.541.5451 or


Download Brock's Ahnentafel




Beier vom Nordstern

ZB. NR 0010/15
D2, HZP 189, HN, FW. V, HD-A2
M. Jule vom Osterberg
F. Dolf vom Adlerberg


Beier has a calm quiet disposition and lives in the house with his family. When time for hunting, he turns the switch and is ready to go to work. With his fine nose and solid pointing he hunts the forests, fields, and wetlands of Minnesota and the Dakotas. In the forest he hunts with a natural close range and in the open grasslands he ranges out yet always hunting for the gun. His use of nose and desire to retrieve on water is undeniable as reflected in his HZP score of 12 in search behind the duck. The Judges explanation for the 12 in search behind the duck: An extraordinary wide, intense and independent search under the most difficult conditions, without any influence form the handler. The dog found several ducks. Beiers handler had no prior experience training for or testing in the DKV/JGHV system.

Confirmation Survey: Nice male head, nice top line and bottom line, good front line.
Front angulation correct. Rear angulation correct. Nice substance. You can tell this is a male dog from a distance.


Beier is available to approved DK females by contacting:

Jesse Freese @ 320-260-9235 



Download Beier's Ahnentafel








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