Why You Should Join the VCDKK

If you believe that hunting performance, conformation, and temperament is the best way to measure the success of a selective breeding program then you should join the VCDKK.

You and your Deutsch Kurzhaar will be rewarded with the respect, admiration and self satisfaction that comes from belonging to and participating in something very special.

Besides many years of friendship, training and testing opportunities, you will have the opportunity to meet enthusiastic DK hunters and watch numerous beautiful versatile hunting DK’s and often other versatile breeds do what they do best – hunt! It’s likely that you will have an opportunity to meet DK hunters and DK supporters from many different regions of North America extending from the Northern Canadian Provinces all the way to the Florida Panhandle. In fact it is not uncommon to shake hands with some of our German versatile hunting dog supporter friends as they occasionally attend some of our events.

With many of those new friends and contacts you will develop years of fond memories and hunting opportunities. Best of all, you will be doing all of that with your DK by your side.

Most importantly, you will become more knowledgeable regarding the German testing and breeding philosophy, Deutsch Kurzhaar training techniques and develop many new resources for gathering the information and help that you may need to make sure you and your Deutsch Kurzhaar are a successful pair.

Through our club newsletter and website you will have access to a broad spectrum of information, including schedules of upcoming club events, training days, testing events, training tips and contact information of those who share your interest and can give you support when needed.

If you’re a licensed hunter and your aspirations are to have a well trained versatile hunting dog that is a pleasure to hunt with and you want to get the most out of your invested time then the VCDKK is the club in which you need to be.

Our officers and members make a concerted effort to aid all of our members as we promote the DK breed and the German performance based selective breeding system and its intent. Our group is comprised of ethical hunters focused on the conservation of game. Our members enjoy all of the benefits and rewards that come from hunting side by side with the world’s finest versatile hunting dog – the hunting Deutsch Kurzhaar! Come join us and be part of something uniquely special, rewarding and fun! We want you as a member and a friend.


How to Join the VCDKK

Mail completed applications with check payable to VCDKK to:
Dan Myshin
PO Box 33
Hummelstown, PA
17036 USA


Membership dues are $75.00 (US) per year, due January 1st. Dues are not prorated. New members joining between November 1st and December 31st are paid through December 31st of the following year.

Click here to Download Application for Membership (pdf)

If you need more information about the VCDKK please do not hesitate to contact us.
Click here for phone numbers and contact information for the VCDKK Board.




Benefits of Membership

The VCDKK is proud to represent versatile hunting Deutsch Kurzhaars’ with all variations of both brown (braun) and black (schwarz) pigment. Braun and schwarz pigmented dogs are widely accepted, distributed and used in Deutsch Kurzhaar breeding programs.


Because of that, DK breeders have been able to use the entire gene pool of performance tested versatile hunting Deutsch Kurzhaars’ to continually enhance the attributes of the Kurzhaar.


Utilizing both braun and schwarz pigmented dogs in responsible breeding programs gives the DK breeder access to the broadest spectrum of great performance tested genetic material rarely utilized by other breed clubs.