Answer: No, not if it happened before you were a member..

Answer: Any VCDKK member may test within a JGHV affiliated club such as the VCDKK, VDD-GNA, VDD-Canada, NADKC or JGV-USA and may participate in an appropriate JGHV sponsored test. It should be noted that members of JGHV affiliated organizations hosting a test may have priority with respect to available space. The VCDKK membership in the JGHV is pending approval.

Answer: NO. Only dogs registered in breed clubs affiliated with the JGHV and FCI may test in JGHV or DKV sponsored tests. The stamps of the JGHV and FCI will be stamped on the dog’s ahnentafel. For more information regarding the testing organizations please see the Testing Program page of this website.

Answer: A VCDKK member that wishes to participate in other organizations may do so; however the only performance or breed tests recognized by the DKV, JGHV and the VCDKK are performance and breed tests sponsored by the DKV or JGHV.

Answer: Many breeders and owners of the German Shorthaired Pointer (GSP) errantly refer to their breed as Deutsch Kurzhaar. In fact there is little doubt that there are significant differences in breed standard and most importantly, the measurement of hunting aptitude. The GSP has been bred in North America without restriction since the 1920’s. Additionally, the GSP is not a product of a legitimate performance breed testing system. Performance breed testing testing like the DKV and JGHV sponsored tests is designed to improve the ability of the versatile Deutsch Kurzhaar. With no tested performance standards in place combined with unrestricted breeding the GSP has evolved into a distinctly different breed.

Answer: The VCDKK makes a concerted effort to provide training and testing opportunities to its members as well as training and testing advice and support. In addition, there are several other versatile hunting dog groups that provide regularly scheduled training days and JGHV sponsored hunting testing opportunities. VCDKK members are welcome to participate in many of them. We will make every attempt to help you locate opportunities in your area. Training opportunities will be posted on the members section of the website.

Answer: If you would like to speak in person with someone about becoming a member of the VCDKK feel free to contact any of the board members listed on the VCDKK board page of this website. They will be more than happy to answer any questions that you may have and will assist you in any way possible.