About The Vereinigter CanAm Deutsch Kurzhaar Club (VCDKK)

Many friends of the hunting Deutsch Kurzhaar (DK) in North American and Germany, including breeders, owners and Verbandsrichter's (club judges) expressed an interest in forming a Deutsch Kurzhaar club that would exclusively embrace the German traditions of breed purity and testing. In order to facilitate the integration of members from both Canada and the United States of America a Deutsch Kurzhaar Breed Club was established that exemplifies the spirit and intent of the German breeding and testing system for the Deutsch Kurzhaar.

To that end, with the encouragement and approval of the Deutsch-Kurzhaar Verband, e.V. (DKV), in December of 2006 the Vereinigter [United] CanAm Deutsch Kurzhaar Klub (VCDKK) was renamed and began to move forward with new leadership.

The focus of the VCDKK is to promote the Deutsch Kurzhaar (DK) through proven and established performance testing and breeding practices in order to preserve the integrity of one of the worlds’ premier versatile hunting companions.

Under the umbrella of the DKV, the VCDKK adheres and abides by the strict testing rules of the Jagdgebrauchshundverband e. V. (JGHV) and has drafted by-laws that reflect and emphasize breeding regulations and practices that are important to the consistent development of a capable and biddable versatile hunting dog

Our executive board and many VCDKK members have years of experience and a broad spectrum of knowledge with respect to the training, testing and hunting of the DK. Many of them are intimately familiar with and practice the breeding strategies that have successfully evolved the versatile hunting Deutsch Kurzhaar.

The VCDKK welcomes hunters who are experienced DK supporters and novice members alike. In fact, any licensed hunter who wishes to support our breed is welcome in the VCDKK. The VCDDK prides itself on making every effort to aid our members by offering training and testing opportunities.

The versatile hunting DK is our pride and our passion and we will make every effort to maintain the true versatility of the DK breed. In addition we steadfastly abide by the time tested and proven performance testing program of the DKV. The VCDKK follows the letter the well established German testing and breeding system that is intended to consistently produce the most capable versatile hunting companion that any serious hunter would be proud to live with and hunt by.



 How to pronounce German terms related to the DK
Thank you to Steve Graham for allowing us to use these files, and to Frau Schiebel for recording them.
pedigree or genealogical table
Abbreviation of the Jagdgebrauchshund Verband
Bringtreue Prüfung
Retrieving sureness
Abbreviation of Jagdgebrauchshund Verein
Abbreviation for Bringtreue Prüfung
Kleiner Münsterländer
Deutsch Drahthaar
Translation: German Wirehair
Ignoring gunshots
Deutsch Kurzhaar
Translation: German Shorthair
Schweiss Prüfung
Blood tracking test
Deutsch Langhaar
Translation: German Longhair
Association judge, i.e. judge of the Jagdgebrauchshundverband.
Grosser Münsterländer Weimaraner
Herbst Zucht Prüfung
Breeding show for form evaluation
Abbreviation for Herbst Zucht Prüfung
Jagdgebrauchshund Verband
Jagdgebrauchshund Verein
Kennel Name




Hierarchy of Versatile Hunting Dog Associations

FCI (FederationCynologique Internationale)
The Fédération Cynologique Internationale is the World Canine Organization. It includes 82 members and contract partners (one member per country) that each issue their own pedigrees and train their own judges. The FCI makes sure that the pedigrees and judges are mutually recognized by all the FCI members.

JGHV (Jagdgebrauchshundverband)
JGHV is the umbrella organization in Germany for all of the hunting dog clubs. It provides the test regulations, authorizes the judges, and maintains the test records for member breed clubs.

DKV (Deutsch Kurzhaar Verband, e.V.)
The DKV is the International Deutsch Breed Club to which the VCDKK belongs. The VCDKK abides by all DKV rules and regulations regarding the testing and breeding of the Deutsch Kurzhaar..

VCDKK (Vereinigter CanAm Deutsch Kurzhaar Klub)
A Deutsch Kurzhaar (DK) club that exclusively embraces the German traditions of breed purity and selective breeding based on performance testing. The Club consists of members from both the United States and Canada. The VDDKK considers itself the premier Kurzhaar club for the pure bred hunting Deutsch Kurzhaar in North America.